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Kids Program

Training Jiujitsu Prepares Your Child for Success in Life

Kids class is held daily Monday - Thursday at 5:30 - 6:30pm

Jiujitsu is a great activity to keep your child active and learning self-defense skills. But it can be so much more than that. Children learn how to solve problems that are presented to them. They work through difficult situations and how to persist through them, not giving up until they achieve success. Working through difficult situations will earn them the confidence they need to succeed at anything in life.

Building a Close Group of Friends

Jiujitsu is fun! And our kids enjoy being with each other. There is just something about working hard and playing together that creates long term bonds between people. Jiujitsu will get them away from screen and digital games and playing games with friends.


At least 10% of all kids report being bullied. It's a huge problem and the rise of social media has made things worse. Training jiujitsu will give kids the confidence needed to deter bullies. It will build character in your child so that they don't become bullies themselves. It's a great way to end the cycle of bullying.

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